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Handmade Colorful Black Men’s Sneaker Or Running Shoes, Made with Turkish Leather


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◆ These shoes are made of the finest all-natural nubuck/suede/ and natural leather. To understand how unique this skin is, just touch it. Produced without the use of any chemicals, this naturally dyed, completely hand-crafted product will give you both an amazing experience and long-lasting wear. This color is designed exclusively for you by attentive hands in a special leather tannery in Istanbul.

◆ Product Description ◆

◆ Shoes handcrafted by artisans in Turkey.

◆ Breathable natural leather prevents any bacteria that cause odor. Ideal for sockless wear.

◆ Keeps your feet cool and dry.

◆ Healthiest shoes in the market for pregnant mothers as they are entirely natural with no heel.

◆ Natural rubber sole for durability and to avoid slips.

◆ Entirely made from natural materials; Leather, beeswax-coated twine, and rubber sole.

◆ Limited quantities as they are handcrafted using traditional methods.

◆ Entirely handcrafted from natural materials only in Turkey, Turkish Yemeni shoes are the healthiest and most stylish option for your feet.

◆ Following a 700-year old tradition, Yemeni shoes are made by expert artisans in Turkey. They use 5 different leather types; Outer parts are either buffalo skin, cowhide or sheepskin, cowhide for sole and finally calfskin for inner linings.

◆ Besides being genuine and stylish, Turkish Yemeni shoes also offer great comfort for pregnant mothers. Since they are made from entirely natural materials, they are highly breathable, keeping the feet cool and dry. High quality leather also prevents any odor after use.


Ordering half size smaller than your regular fit is recommended. Ideally, initial fit should be tight. Yemenis are made entirely from natural leather and they will stretch and take the shape of your feet in a few weeks.


It is totally normal to feel the stitches at first. Beeswax-coated twine used for stitching will soften with time.

Make a note!

The product you ordered is made to order and takes about ten days including design time.

The product will deliver to you with a raw cloth bags and surprise gifts in a recycled box.

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