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Comfortable Canvas Crystal Iris Starlight Wedding Sequin Sneakers For Women’s


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We are currently out of the office on our December break from 12/19/20 – 1/4/21. All orders received after 12/9 were automatically added to our list for when we get back in the office.

Last day to order shoes for Christmas Eve 12/24 delivery is 12/9.

Shoe orders placed after 12/9 will be processed in our standard 14-20 business day timeframe once we get back in the office on 1/4/21.

Completely lightweight, comfortable and exactly what you need! Simple and shiny!

• Made to order with comfortable canvas sneakers in your choice of brand.
• True to size!
• Fully customizable
• Perfect for your wedding
• Ships in approximately 14-24 business days

PLEASE NOTE: All photos are stock and all items are handmade to order unless otherwise stated. Variations or imperfections in appearance and construction may occur in the final product due to material availability. For full details please read our policies.

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